Dialer Option
How To Make a Reseller?
Ans: Open Your resellers. Go to Resellers > Add Resellers>Username >Password >Submit.
How To Make a Pin?
Ans: Open Your Resellers. Go to GK/Registrar > Add Pin >Username >Password >Submit.
Can I Call 24/7 using Dialer?
Ans: Yes
Can I Change my clients User & Pass?
Ans: Yes
Can I modify my Tariff/Rate Plan?
Ans: No
What shall I do if I forget my user & pass?
Ans: Please contact your account manager.
How do I keep my account secure?
Ans: Do not share your reseller user & pass.
What type Of handset is required to use Dialer?
Ans: Internet supported any kind of mobile.
What Happens If I enter wrong Password multiple times?
Ans: If you enter the wrong Pass 5 consecutive times, your reseller will be temporarily blocked and you will have to contact on support to prove your ownership and unblock the Reseller.
Where Can I make Complaints?
Ans: Call to our support or email.
Can I pay Payment in Saudi Arabia?
Ans: Yes
How many Bank Account in Saudi you are?
Ans: We Have a Ncb And Alraji Bank In Saudi Arabia.
I Haven't a bank account in Saudi Arabia So what can I do?
Ans: We have a Bangladesh Payment Option you can pay Brac Bank and Bkash
How Many Country you receive payment?
Ans: We have a world wide payment option,But this time we receive only Saudi,Dubai and Bangladesh.
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